AMS Benefits

How AMS is beneficial for your Business

Single application for entire Service network

All in one application for Field Engineers, Contractors, Supervisiors, Operation Head, Plant Head and Service support network

Transparency in service data transaction

Users get real time updates of master data and admin gets real time update of transactional data

Updated parts catalog and pricelist access

Real time access of parts catalog, pricelists and schemes makes digital site visit booking updated & easier

Real time tracking of service engineers helps in detecting fraudulence

Real time support call acceptence and update, payment collection status and site visits with geo location tracking helps to detect fake data

Custom service and summary report

Custom service report and summary reports gives comparative view to detect weak euipment of business and helps in maintenance forecasting

Evaluate asset performance

Equipment/ Asset history reports and summary reports helps in evaluating asset performance over a period of time

Comparative chart for asset/ equipment maintenance

Generate chart of summary reports of equipment service work order and site visit of engineers and contractors

Digital call booking and site visit record reduces risk of data loss

Online and offline digital call booking, payment collection and site visits entries reduces risk of data loss in less paperwork and manpower

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