AMS Features

Ams provides unique features by high user experience on mobile/tablet, geolocation tracking, offline data access and digital service call acceptance and site visit and real time reporting.

Offline data access

Engineers can access offline parts catalog, availablity, service route plan.

Real time service data update

Users get real time updates of master data and admin gets real time update of transactional data

High user experience on mobile/tablet

Single app for all modules with user friendly interface for mobile and tablets

Assured data back up

Data security with cloud storage and regular data back-ups

Easy import/export option

Export and port data in simple .csv format

Online and offline data transaction

Do online and offline call booking, payment collection, site visits.

Compatible with Mobile/tablet

AMS app is compatible with all android mobiles and tablet with 3G/Wifi and GPS facility.

Service Engineers' daily attendance

Users can easly punch ttheir daily attendance in a single button click.

Real time location tracking

engineers' geo location is sent to server with call booking, payment collection and site visit.

Easy access of service history

Engineers can access their own service history on mobile/tablet.